U.S. Army – Fort Irwin – HVAC Kennel Project

Client: U.S. Army
Site Location: Fort Irwin, CA.

Scope of Services

This Vobecky HVAC project consisted of two actual main project components. The main Military boarding kennel as well as the temporary boarding kennel. Vobecky proceeded to upgrade an existing building on base to act as a temporary kennel so work could commence on the main kennel. The temporary kennel was fitted by installing Marlite washdown walls, plumbing enhancements and HVAC spilt ductless units. The building was completely sanitized to accept the animals.

In the main kennel building Vobecky moved forward to demo the existing nonfunctional 15-ton unit with a new energy efficient Trane 15-ton unit. In this harsh desert environment where temperatures fluctuate wildly the importance of providing a proper working unit with little to no down time is key. Vobecky was able to meet this challenge.