Fort Hunter Liggett Fire Station Flooring and Painting

Client: MICC – Ft. McCoy
Site Location: Fort Hunter Liggett, CA.

Scope of Services

This project consisted of the demolition of the existing carpet, linoleum, and cove base. The furniture in occupied areas was relocated temporarily during this process. Vobecky installed new carpet throughout the main common areas and sleeping quarters in the fire house. The kitchen and food preparation areas had new linoleum installed. The physical fitness/weight room was fitted with professional grade rubber matting. The scope of the project also included Dry wall repair, Painting throughout and replacement of six shower doors in building 120.

Vobecky provided all labor, equipment, and materials to execute this project. Vobecky maintained all areas functional to best degree possible during Demo and repairs. Besides the typical work-related clean-up, a professional building wide service was performed.