Robert F. Peckham Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse

Client: General Services Administration (GSA)
Site Location: San Jose, CA.

Scope of Services

This project was to modify Courtroom # 8 on the 4th floor and courtroom #4 on the 5th floor simultaneously for the Audio-Visual Upgrade. Both Courtrooms of the Courthouse was modified for a new video evidence system, cameras. This work included selective demolition of the courtrooms to provide the proper pathway for the audio visual/electrical conduits. Complete install of the Fire rated floor boxes, conduits and cable were run above the 3rd and 4th floor ceiling spaces for the audio-visual infrastructure that was required.

Two existing storage closets were converted into an audio-visual control area to support the main Audio-visual drive and related infrastructure. The scope in total included: suspended ceiling, quick release sprinkler heads, electrical, structural steel, HVAC, Control automation, fireproofing, concrete cutting/coring, millwork/finishes, carpet, and painting. This project also includes the procurement and installation of the entire audio-visual system. All this work was done without interruption to the other court rooms or courthouse.