GSA – 50 United Nations Plaza

Client: General Services Administration (GSA)
Site Location: 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA.

Scope of Services

Vobecky Enterprises’ contract improved the functionality of the newly renovated historical building. Under strict guidance from GSA the Vobecky team was mandated to use materials during the construction that were to be as close to the historical elements as possible. We were able to use components from surplus inventory from earlier demolition to maintain the historical look and feel of the building. Several doors and openings were created with no visual clues as to what is new and what is old. Preserving the interior architectural elements resulted in an acoustical challenge. We improved the acoustics in 42 team rooms. Safety decals were also applied thereby resulting in a safer and more functional space.

The Signage throughout the building was corrected to reflect the revised tenant assignments. Additionally, the 80-year-old doors and thresholds were in critical need of repair. We worked diligently with the Architect and improved the weatherproofing of the doors with no visual compromise. The HVAC system was also adjusted to support new occupancy levels. A new data cable management and support runway was also installed. All work was executed with little or no disruption to tenants.