FAA – Walkway Repair & Tree Removal at Ontario Int’l Airport.

Client: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Site Location: Ontario Int’l Airport – Ontario, CA.

Scope of Services

Vobecky Enterprises removed several trees that were damaging the existing concrete walkway and became a safety concern. The removed trees were uprooted and hauled to a legal dumpsite. Approximately 325 square feet of lifting concrete sidewalk and curbing was removed and replaced. Topsoil was imported, filled, compacted, and graded as needed for fill after the tree removal. Desert drought tolerant plants and mulch was provided to cover over 500 square feet of planters. The existing irrigation system was modified to install drip lines as needed to the planters.

The project also included the necessary traffic control and barricades that are key in the order to complete the project in a safe manner for all as Ontario airport serves over 5.5 million passengers annually.