50 United Nations Plaza

Client: Department of Education of Education
Site Location: 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA.

Scope of Services

Vobecky Enterprises’ provided construction and tenant improvements, furnishings, moving services and furniture disposal to allow the Department of Education to occupy 38,714 usable square feet of space in the basement, 1st floor and 5th floor. Vobecky Enterprises provided the Design and Construction services including Furniture procurement & installation along with the move costs associated with this relocation.
The Tenant Improvements included: Architectural, floor coring for additional tele/data/power drops to support infill workstations, electrical, tele/data cabling, as well as the necessary electrical/tele/data improvements to support agency training requirements at the 50 UNP conference center. In addition to providing cooling to the Mariposa Conference room, located on the 4th floor for GSA use.

During the furniture phase of this project Vobecky Enterprises provided installation drawings, furniture order, delivery, and installation. The move phase included relocation of existing furniture, files, and auxiliary items.